About Us

Volvox helps our clients build new businesses. We aren’t about proving how clever we are—we are about helping our clients get their strategies straight, their operating plans executable, and their products out the door.

We believe that our clients will be successful when they grok their customers, understand their competitive landscape, know how to best build their product, and how to build and manage their organizations. None of those things are rocket science, but people seem to get them wrong more often than not; we’re pretty good at helping get some of this stuff right.

We work with businesses of every size and stage of development, from garage startups to Fortune 100 companies to government agencies (yes, the government does do something new once in a while). We concentrate on new businesses. New businesses are exciting, fun, and you can make a bigger impact doing something that has never been done before than finding a cheaper way to do things you are already doing. Volvox’s principals have helped launch multiple category-defining products and businesses which have generated billions of dollars in market capitalization. If you’re building a new product, developing a new technology, or attacking an emerging market, we can probably help you.